Sunday, October 16, 2005

Therefore Choose Life: The Letter I am Going to Send to My Elected Officials

I am writing to you because I am concerned about the legislation concerning abortion in our state and in our nation.

Countless mothers become pregnant unexpectedly. Fearing the worse for their lives and the lives of their unborn children, many of these mothers in our nation choose to abort these children. When their child faces poverty, an unsafe environment, and perhaps even the absence of a father, why would abortion not be a viable option?

Believing that life is a better alternative, I am convinced that government intervention is imperative. Am I suggesting that these pre-mothers be compelled to choose life for their unborn child? No, such is not the case at all. Yet, I am certain that more effective programs and legislation should be in place for mothers who desire to keep their babies.

What should such programs include?
1) Mothers should be given substantial tax breaks – not simply right offs for dependents.

2) Mothers should only be left to fend for themselves ten years after the birth of the child. That said, we should remember that children do not simply need life’s necessities, but they need school utensils as well as school clothing, etc. Now, I know that welfare programs are set up for this purpose. Yet, single moms are barely able to get by with the current government allotment of resources.

3) Classes should be available for mothers who want to pursue entrepreneurial careers and occupations of that nature. These mothers should be trained in the stock exchange as well as lucrative professions such as real estate.

4) Classes should be available for healthy parenting which would also include psychological training and adjustment for these mothers.

5) Classes should be available teaching the importance of marriage when raising children so that a lifestyle of unplanned pregnancies is not perpetuated.

6) Before an abortion is final, the father of the unborn child should have to co-sign with the abortion agreement except in the case of special circumstances (i.e. rape which only constitutes a small portion of abortions). As a male, I have rights to a child just as much as a female who may be carrying the child. It seems to be an infringement upon the rights of the father for such legislation not to be in place.

7) Abortion clinics and doctors who perform abortions must be responsible for laying out the advantages and disadvantages of having a child vs. not have a child. A mother cannot make a rational decision without truly having all of the consequences – positive and negative – of her decision laid out before her. Fathers of these unborn children should receive the same analysis since he too will be agreeing or disagreeing with the abortion.

8) Parents of children under the age of 18 should be notified both from the potential mother’s family and from the potential father’s family.

These suggestions, in my opinion, are more than necessary if we desire to see lives saved while assisting single moms in their efforts to raise their children. If our legislation encourages life, then potential mothers and potential fathers would be more apt to choose life.

Your influence on our legislation in this effort is greatly warranted. Life and death are in your hands; therefore choose life. Thank you for you time and your consideration. Our state and our nation depend on you, and I have faith that your decision will be a wise one.


At 7:56 PM, Blogger Poison Pero said...

That's a great letter William.

Do you mind if we use it as a form letter to our reps??

At 9:00 PM, Blogger William said...

Thanks Pero.

Absolutely. Anyone can use this as a form letter. That's fine with me.

At 5:27 PM, Blogger Karens Korner said...

Great post!


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