Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Katrina the Racist written by Goat

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This is a great piece by Heather MacDonald (hattip:Michelle Malkin) that further discusses previous arguments I have made on socialist welfare and the manmade destruction in New Orleans. Sometimes when you cry wolf to often as Jesse Jackson and his cadre of bigoted racists have done you become exposed for the charlatans you are. They and the rest of the political hacks on the left continue to moan and cry while millions of american citizens have motivated the most incredible outpouring of the true american spirit in our history. I know how decent americans respond to tragedy it has been written on the pages of our history as the selfless giving people in the world.

I am proud of my country, we can do better by moving beyond socialist big government and judicial dicdat to a truelly free america. Growing up in the deep south it was very apparent that the very people, black and white , that so hated the"system"(working for a living) rely on that same system for their very survival. Unwilling to get into the "system" of education ,family and self reliance they fall behind and blame the "system" for their increasing failures.

The cycle is easy to see from that point and as it has become worse over generations as a vicious degradation of morale and self worth sets in. For the amount of money we spend on socialist welfare programs we could buy them a house and a private education and cut them loose, forever. One simple move, turn all the gov't run projects into condos and the current residents become owners of their abode, ownership brings pride,and then cut them off from welfare, permanently.

I support school vouchers so kids can get out of squalid public schools. The unionization and politically correct feel goodism of our public school system has destroyed it and the anti-family socialists are paving the way.

Katrina showed the inadequacies of bigger government, do we really want more of it?Update: Carol LieBau has an interesting take on it .


At 11:07 AM, Blogger William said...

"...racism has lost its grip on the American mind: the givers are refusing the bigot’s reaction of impugning an entire race by the loathsome behavior of a few." - Heather Mac Donald

I do agree that America's response to the hurricane survivors displays our culture's willingness to overlook ethnicity in order to sustain life. I do not agree that 'racism has lost its grip on the American mind.' That is a bit of a stretch.

However, I will say that our response as a nation silences the voices which attempt to make Katrina's devastation solely an issue race. So many factors are involved.

Logically, it would make sense to say that control belongs first to the individual, then the community leaders (Ray Nagin), then the state leaders, then to the federal leaders - not the reverse order. Ray Nagin was slow to respond, so does he too not like black people?

Another strange instance was the black democratic representative who commanded the use of military personnel and equipment in order to retreive belongings from his home during the New Orleans evacuation procedure. Should such a man be deemed as racist?

You see, the race card is not a trump. It only appears to be an Ace of spades when really it is only a six of spades. There are definitely times when a strong case can be made that ethnicity was indeed a factor. This was not one of them.

To compare New Orleans to New York is a gross misrepresentation. Everything about the two scenarios was different.

It seems that if race were truly a determining issue in the relief effort, then tens of thousands would be dead. To Mayor Ray Nagin's dismay, that has not been the case. From the comments that Mayor Nagin was making, I began to believe that he wanted more people to die, so that the race card could be played uncontested.

Katrina showed us that we definitely need social reform. However, it is difficult for me to say that our ENTIRE governmental system is anti-black.

At 8:26 PM, Blogger Poison Pero said...

Good write-up.

I do want to make not of something you said though.

"Ace of Spades or 6 of Spades"

1. I'd say more like a Deuce.
2. Not long ago I my chops were busted for using a similar reference (Kofi Annan as the Jack of Spades).........I was called a racist for calling a Black person a "spade".

This is how far the Race Baiters have lost it.
I really hope most average Blacks understand that most average Whites have no problem with them at all, and hope we can all live in peace........WE ARE ALL AMERICANS!!!

It is only the Racists and Race Baiters who continue to propagate racism......It's too bad we can't put them all in the New Orleans Convention Center and let them canibalize themselves.

At 8:27 PM, Blogger Poison Pero said...

FYI: Kofi is the Jack of Spades in the Deck of Weasels.

Spades is the card suite of the International America-Haters.

At 8:45 PM, Blogger Goat said...

As I commented in the Barnyard,great comment William! Though your response to my article should be on the frontpage with my posting not in the comment section.

At 12:10 PM, Anonymous mustardman said...

I always chuckle at the people who want to move "beyond socialist big government" to a "truelly (sic) free America."

The point is, America was created by socialist programs, specifically big government spending. (And, of course, forced labour in the form of slavery).

If you read your history, you will see that government investment played a key role in the industrial revolution of the 19th century. Many companies got started, and got rich, from government contracts.

That continued into the 20th century. Roosevelt's New Deal built roads, bridges and sewers and bailed America out of the Depression.

Government spending on the military during WWII put millions to work. And the GI Bill (gov't spending on free education) after the war sent 8 million Americans to school and job training programs.

Multi-billion dollar companies like Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, and Bechtel were built on government money.

So the next time you knock socialism, remember the old adage about the rich American who, in life, starts out on 3rd base... but thought he hit a triple.

Most people who think they're self made are really government made.


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