Friday, September 30, 2005

'The Final Solution'

Bill Bennet has shown himself to be a racist. Several days ago former Education Secretary Bill Bennett expressed his attitude towards blacks in America. He claims that aborting black babies would decrease our nation's crime rate. I find these comments extremely offensive.

Now, I tend to give people the opportunity to clarify themselves whenever such idiotic statements are made. So I waited for what I expected to be an apology at least; yet, Bennet simply reiterated his claim with the following comment: "That [aborting black babies] would be an impossibly ridiculous and morally reprehensible thing to do, but your crime rate would go down."

Bennett recognizes that aborting black babies is "impossibly ridiculous and morally reprehensible," but he completes his statement claiming that the crime rate would go down. In the words of Rev. Al Sharpton, "so he [Bill Bennett] is saying that blacks and crime are synonomous." Apparently, that's exactly what he's saying.

Now in Bennett's defense he has done major things with the inner-city communities. In his own confession, he even lead the arrest of four major drug lords. However, Bennett assumes that his actions are proof of his attitude towards the black community. I disagree. In this case, Bennett's words are actually counter-productive to his actions. So, Mr. Bennett, I'm black. Should my mother have aborted me, too? I can only imagine what you'd say.


At 2:44 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Thank God someone else sees this the way I did.

Rush Limbaugh says Bennett's statements were taken out of context, and even explained it, but it still sounds to me like a racist statement.

That said, Yes, crime rate would go down. So would the amount paid out in welfare in the next several years or so. So would the tax rate. So would the GNP, and the Economy, and the population. In fact, every rate in America would go down if black babies were aborted.

Except the death rate. That would go up significantly, unless you are a Liberal and think abortion are a reproductive right.

At 9:32 PM, Blogger William said...

All that I've been hearing is that his comments have been taken out of context. I disagree. Bennett said exactly what he thinks about blacks and crime.

He even said that in America we should be able to talk about things as they are. (He said this on Hannity and Colmes while attempting to defend himself).

That tells me that not only does he believe that blacks are crime are synonomous, but he thinks that he is justified in claiming it.

At 11:51 PM, Blogger Goat said...

He did follow up that statement with one that called that act morally reprehensible as a similar contrast to his caller.Hold you horn William,Bill Bennet is a good man and has been taken out of context.

At 11:58 PM, Blogger Goat said...

He is comparing the ideology of his caller with something just as bad.Like nuking the middle-east would relieve the terrorist threat, it would but it would create wider implications. Come on ,William, you're way to smart to fall into the liberal trap.

At 12:21 AM, Blogger William said...

Goat, I don't think that it's a liberal trap. In fact, Bennett still has not apologized for his comments. He even requests that those who have misunderstood him actually owe him apology.

Before I even read what liberals or conservatives were saying about the issue, I had formed my opinion. Then I listend to both sides to see if perhaps I was missing something.

Bennett did say that the statement was 'morally reprehensible,' but he continued by saying 'but it would still decrease the crime rate.' It's just difficult for me to see how he is not associating blacks with crime here.

How would it sound for me to say: If we were to abort all middle eastern babies, then we wouldn't have to worry about Al-Qaeda and terrorist attacks?

A statement such as that one is non-redeemable.

At 12:25 AM, Blogger William said...

Goat, I do appreciate your comments though. It's just difficult for me to wrap my mind around his comments.

At 12:28 AM, Blogger Mark said...

William, I agree with you. He could have just as easily said the crie rate would go down if ALL babies were aborted, regardless of race, but he had to add that word.

And then, he had to add that word again.

I'm sorry. I meant he DIDN'T have to add that word. If he was trying to make the point that abortion would make the crime rate go down he didn't need to add the word black. the statement would have made the point without mentioning that word.

At 12:33 AM, Blogger William said...

Mark, that's what I thought.

At 1:44 AM, Blogger Poison Pero said...

I am a huge 'bomb thrower', and have said many things that set people off.......Including some who beleive as I do.

I think this is what Bennett did.....He made a statement that ended up coming our horribly.
Bennett has been a great Conservative for years, but he should have never made this statement.

Personally, I don't think he's a racist.......I could be wrong however.

Also, I know he's against abortion of any kind (including Blacks).
But he's screwed, and should be made to apologize for this.

And Conservatives should be the ones forcing him, not Liberals.
As Conservatives we should always force our own to live up to their mistakes........Unlike Liberals who always rally to defend theirs.

It is part of what makes us the superior ideology.

He should come on the air Monday, and say he is sorry, and explain he got caught up in his own explaination....Then never talk about it again.
That said, I repeat, I don't think Bennett's a racist, but he should have known better than to make anything near this correlation.
Guess what, if we aborted all the White-males crime rates and welfare would go down too.......And NOW would call for a national holiday.

At 10:37 AM, Blogger William said...

Pero, I understand what you're saying. But Bennett is unapologetic, and he continues to adhere to his comments.

A forced apology is simply a politcal way to appease the masses. I'd rather him stick by his comments rather than apologize simply because of political pressure.

America is a free country, so if he wants to be racist, we can't stop him.

At 2:53 PM, Blogger Jaymeister said...

I hope you don't thnk of my opinion as liberal doublespeak, but here it is: I don't think Bennett is a racist, but the statement he made on radio was racist.

What he said was totally misguided, because it ignored a lot of non-race factors that lead to criminality. It's easy for someone like him to dip into crime statistics and see that the crime rate among African-Americans is higher than among other Americans, but it ignores socio-economic factors. I'm sure that if you look at the nicest neighborhood in your town, the crime rate there among blacks isn't any higher than among whites.

William, I agree that his non-apologies might be infuriating to some, because he's caught in the political game of trying to save face. But I honestly don't believe him to be a racist. I have many other issues with Bennett, but this isn't one of them. He screwed up, and should have apologized and been done with this whole episode. Then he could go back to Vegas.

At 8:57 PM, Blogger William said...


I do not really think that Bennett is a racist. But, those comments are offensive, and I am compelled to wonder what he really thinks about the black community.

That said, I'd like proof that he's not a racist. It's just difficult to negate comments like his.

At 9:01 PM, Blogger Goat said...

He was replying to what his caller had already implied by pointing out the moral repugnancy of it. I can understand as a white man from the south how you could interpret the comment William. Yes it was a poorly worded analogy though I do not believe indicative of racism,politically incorrect and shortsighted,yes, racist,no.You are a highly intelligent man and understand the difficulty in "wrapping your mind around it", we do need a discussion on race in this country not broad accusations and paint brushes as the last 100+years have done. I see people like Dr.Rice, Gen.Powell, Justices Thomas and Brown, pundits like Sowell, Parker, Williams and Elder and a raft of entertainers, sports stars and businessmen like Herman Cain that have been successful in "Racist" america. It is not race that holds people back it is socialist communism and big government entitlement programs. I will be politically incorrect here instating that untill the Black community breaks its victimhood mentality it is only going to get worse as they become the victims of themselves and their leaders, such as Jackson, Sharpton,Farrakan,and Lee.

At 9:28 PM, Blogger Goat said...

I might add, Dr.Rice succeeded despite being from "Bull" Conner's Birmingham,a Democrat and George Wallace's Alabama,also a Democrat, who used the Nat. Guard to keep blacks out of the UofA. If you can become Secretary of State in the most powerful and bountiful nation ever under those circumstances can anyone claim racism in this country and be believed anymore?

At 11:07 AM, Blogger William said...

Goat, what you have described is racism from the sociological scope. In other words, you have described racism as means of societal hindrance. I believe that our government has many necessary infrastructures in place which alleviate much of the aforementioned type of racism.

However, what I am referring to is is the attitude of the individual. Such an attitude can be measured. This is the same attitude which compels some Americans to think heinous things such as: "What have blacks really done for America." My roommates family speaks likes this. And I have friends whose friends refer to blacks by outlandish names.

These attitudes are racist attitudes, and are synonmous with the attitude of Mr. Bennett. I agree that race issues do need to be addressed, but I believe that they not only need to be addressed on a political level but on an individual level as well.

That said, it is unfortunate that racism in the fashion that I have described is overlooked.

At 12:48 PM, Blogger Goat said...

I agree and on an individual basis racism will always exist in some form unfortunately.On that level if a person chooses to look and act like a pimp or gangsta they will be treated as such and should expect the stereotyping. On the other hand hardwork and decency will take anybody as far as they want to go despite what they look like.

At 2:06 PM, Blogger William said...

Let me be clear. I do not think that it is Mr. Bennett's desire to defame the AA community. In that, he's not a racist, so I do apologize for that comment on my web log. But, I will say that his comment in context or out of context is insensitive and deserving of an apology.

At 7:14 PM, Blogger Mark said...

I think it's only fair to point out, at this time, that racism is a 2 way street. Racisn isn't only white against black. Many times it's black against whute, but the MSM doesn't appear to see that.

Example. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Lewis Farrakhan, Charles Rangel etc. All of these men are racists.

At 10:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bennett is no more racist, than I am black! (P.S., I'm a single black female and a legal professional, living in the heart of Atlanta). I DO think he should appologize for the mis-step, but if you know the man and his wife and his history, you'd NEVER come to the conclusion that he's anywhere near racist.

At 11:14 PM, Blogger William said...


Thanks for the comment. Please read my apology above.

At 11:34 PM, Blogger Goat said...

William, it is honor to be able to have a frank discussion on your very worthy blog. You went to UNC,are you familiar with Prof.Mike Adams,also a contributer.Proud to link to ya buddy keep up the good work.

At 6:36 PM, Blogger Poison Pero said...

No need to apololgize, William.

I think we all know Bennett didn't mean to come off as a racist, nor is he.......But he said what he said, and should at least say he got caught up in a stupid twisting of ideas.

But he has gone on the offensive.......Why not just say, "listen to the tape. I'm not a racist and I'm anti-abortion, but I can see how my words could be twisted around and come off as harmfull"

He needs to swallow his pride, without giving in to accusations...It is possible, manly, and proper.

At 1:22 AM, Blogger joanna said...

Hey William, been reading these comments tonight. Interesting that I just finished watching "Crash". I know you probably know what I would say on this as we're good friends. You and I both know it begins in the heart of a man/woman. No amount of pressure can make a person say something they stand against unless it is there somewhere within them. Perhaps he chose his words poorly...that was a rather LARGE mistake for a man who speaks publically for a living. Maybe too strong to call him a racist, but definately has a discriminatory view of the situation. Man, you're going to make me get back into the "game" aren't you? I'll start reading more! Gotta keep up.

At 10:43 AM, Blogger William said...


Thanks for the comment. Yes, I do agree that he is not a racist. I'll link you to my web log once you begin posting. Thanks, my friend. I like your web log name, by the way.

At 12:17 AM, Blogger Poison Pero said...

When you opening the "Coffe Shop", Jo?

I came by and you were closed.

At 2:26 AM, Blogger Cabe said...

You guys are unusually perky. Lol

At 3:42 AM, Blogger William said...

Sup Cabe,

Not perkey, just welcoming.


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